Commercial Roof Inspection, Maintenance, & Repair

Commercial Roofing Maintenance


Funderburk Roofing, Inc.'s roof inspection provides you with all information needed to plan ahead and budget for an eventual roof replacement.

We also create due diligence reports for prospective buyers and claim damage reports for insurance providers.


Roof Inspection Includes:

Measure roof and its layout to provide a comprehensive and thorough roof plan.
"Core" the roof to determine existing roof assembly as well as the state of the current insulation's “R-Value.”
Upon completion of the physical inspection, we will provide concise information, including:
  • Roof age
  • Remaining roof life expectancy
  • Cost estimates of immediate work needed
  • Roof replacement cost

Commercial Roof Repair

The Funderburk crews are highly experienced commercial roof repair professionals. Not only will they identify and repair your roof leaks, they are trained to detect non-roof related leaks, such as mechanical equipment, plumbing, masonry, EIFS, sheet metal, condensation, etc. In many cases, non-roof related leaks are repaired while on site.

Funderburk Roofing, Inc. services all major manufacturer’s roofs under warranty and all Commercial Low Slope Roofs.

Roof Deck Repair:

Funderburk Roofing, Inc. provides deck repair/replacement as needed on all projects including:

  • Steel Decks
  • Concrete Decks
  • Gypsum Decks
  • Tectum Decks
  • Wood Decks

Maintenance Protection Program

Funderburk Roofing, Inc.'s Maintenance Protection Program begins with an intensive inspection of your commercial/industrial roof.

We will provide you with a comprehensive report, complete with photographs, of any defect within your entire roofing system.